About Casler Foliage

          Casler Foliage began as a retail shop that was very successful. While selling plants, Ron Casler began to get requests from companies asking to care for their indoor plants. 


          Owner, Ron Casler, continued to study horticulture and to add corporate accounts such as Diamond Shamrock World Headquarters, Ling Tempco Vought and Halliburton.


          After many requests to rent plants for major events; Casler Foliage developed into a company that provided plant rentals for conventions across the U.S. and Canada. This required hundreds of trips to California and Florida to buy truckloads of plants!


          Throughout, Ron Casler's love for plant designs and maintenance, has remained strong. Casler Foliage has designs in hotels, office spaces, hospitals and corporations in all corners of the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex. 


          Today, Casler Foliage enjoys a hands-on approach and relishes sharing the knowledge of plant care and design with others entering the field.  Ron says "It is a real pleasure to watch companies grow and mature, while serving their plant care needs." Casler Foliage has enjoyed several twenty year relationships with many of their clients. 








PO Box 223822 Dallas, TX 75222