Below are services offered by Casler Foliage. If you have any questions or just need additional information please call or e-mail us. We pride ourselves in being knowledgable and friendly people.

Plant Design

     Plant design depends on lighting, temperature, office aesthetics, and your budget. Your design will be personalized for your workplace and your preferences.

Plant Maintenance

     Our professional technicians work quietly and neatly as not to disturb your office. The technicians are well-qualified to keep the beauty of your plants in tip-top condition.  

Plant Rentals for Events

     Our plant rentals can help make a special event even more special by bringing elegance and beauty. Our plant rentals can be used at weddings, graduations, parties, conventions and more. Plants provide the finishing touch!

Plant Installation

     Plant installation follows the design. An integral part of the installation is the soil medium and the material that covers the soil. The above picture shows an indoor pond that was given a park like setting by adding a top covering of pecan shells.

Professional Consultations

     Once you have contacted Casler Foliage, we will visit your site take pictures as well as discuss your needs and ideas. We will then customize a design just for you and your company and will take into account any and all budgetary needs. We will then present you with a written quote and options for a unique design to improve your work space atmosphere. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal!!