Add Life to Your Space!!  


Why Live Plants?

Commercial buildings have an atmosphere filled with man-made toxins. Sheetrock, paneling, paint, carpet, flooring glues, insulation, just to mention a few, make up the stagnant air in office buildings. All man-made materials release toxins, such as benzene, formaldehyde, and carbon monoxide.


These noxious gases attack our eyes and respiratory systems. The result is employee illnesses and absence from work. These indoor pollutants can slow down the efficeincy of the entire organization.


We know that plants exchange carbon monoxide for oxygen which helps us breathe and improves our mood. The more current research proves that live plants can filter out other dangerous toxins that are harmful to human beings.


When you add live plants-


                                           You add: Fresh Oxygen

                                                           Stress Relief

                                                           Sound Absorption


                                                           Improved Mood

                                                           A Healthier Workplace


                                                                                                                               Ron Casler